Sunday, May 18, 2008

musical mind think alike

how to compose a great song? theres an article bout it from checkitout..or just go to the edited version of it in tempayan forum.
is it about our knowledge? ability? or special power(gifted)?
its not easy to create a song without some influences from our favorites music. rite? for me..its is normal..y? many songs used same progression of chord and sometimes we can hear the tune quite the same, the only things differ is the lyrics and the voice. the influences from our favorites music is normal, we listen to music that we like and we create music that we like. we tend to sing and play as our fav singer or band. we dressed like them as well..
its not about originality here...its just a support for all the songwriters.

away from the shadow of others

its been awhile since the last posts from this page.truly bz managing rockhestra,as time goes by, the increasing of order and some problems regarding supplier. anyway, the prob settled now.the purpose of this page is only for music, art and society. forgive me if there a slight info or anything about rochestra in this page..niway, feel free to visit

for discussion on music community go to tempayan forum @friendster. its an ipik music community.