Tuesday, February 24, 2009

new axe! Les Paul 100

Les Paul..the axe of my dream
Here in my hands,
Flashing the vantage finishing with powerful rock n roll sound.
Although the Les Paul 100 may not suited my sound, but its a legend!!
The cheapest version of Les Paul i guess, excluding Junior model.
Maybe Seymour Duncan will be team up with my axe to produce a tough and evil sound.

Maybe u can associate Les Paul with,
Zakk Wylde(bulls eye version) damn nice-i've tried em at guitar store..solid crazy sound...damn!!!
Joe Wings..U rock!!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A debut post for 8 month

More than half a year no updates from this blog, maybe this blog can be described as dead?haha..no way..f**k u b7tchs who thought bout that. OMG, i wrote Parental Advisory Explicit Content words in this blog... No worries parents, they being censored by censored board.haha. 8 month of day and night, lots of changes in this world and to b specifically in my life.. lots of mixed-f***ed up feeling and happiness. BTW forgot all the wishes... Selamat Hr Raya, Happy Deepavali, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Gong XI Fa Chai and Selamat Hr Wilayah.. (today) haha..

How bout my fast growing Rockhestra? haha..hapy rockheniversary this april.. hey.. Hope my biz growing big and biggest...More and more peeps wears rockhestra..thanks to all.

Life? like before..lots up and down unexpected event..but at the end..im happy as before.hahaha..
Music? We (MJ) have finished composed our first single- Right into my eyes...hope to start recording by the half of the year...watch out for our 2nd..To you i lie..
Hahaha..seems emosional by the title..but its only POP music with a blend of rock n roll(of course)haha..

In mind, in the process of upgrading my instrument....maybe look for Fender Strat or Ibanez....hope to find one tmrw...cz i'll going to my fav places.. Buy-sale-trade and cash converter...the"used shop" triangle in Ampang..hahaha..

Where r u beautifull rainbow.....