Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Minstrel

As we getting more serious into music..
here comes..The Minstrel
do visits our band page on Myspace

We have our 1st single-RIGHT INTO MY EYES, was written in 2004..we r still in the process of recording.maybe we will record it in Soundgate Studio. The next single, To U I LIE and PRINCESS of EVIL still in the arrangement process.

The concept..
Love metal..greatly influenced by H.I.M
a lil bit of pop>Micheal Jackson
Metal> Therion, Metallica

The band was formed in year 2004. ANJ as the vox, PAYNE as guitarist, G as bassist and BOB as the drummer. We are 4 college students who shares the passions on music. We are still in the process of recording our first single, "Right into my eyes". The raw recording is for the preview purpose..enjoy.

The Minstrel chronology

2004- Moron

2005- 1.2 milliliter

2006-20007- The Margerine

2007-2008- Mary Jane

2008- MJ

2009- present -The Minstrel