Monday, April 28, 2008

ROCKhestra Clothing.


my tshirt design blog. You can create your own design at very affordable price. and wuts more? can print 1 tshirt only? sure, u are about to wear your self-designed shirt. i dont have design, you can choose from various ROCKhestra design- a blend of rocknroll,art and style. how to order?
mail me, leave comment here or contact my no 0122746435.

Friday, April 25, 2008

''Mining Strategy"(this song is called...)

Mining strategy

This is story of my freinds
I feels so bored
Till i got no friends
What to do
When there's a friend
No one know till i count to ten

All i've done i believe its right so go above to see
Rise your hands and standing tight
Dont expect me what to be

Would you got a knife and kill
All the exaggerations in my will
Dont know how
I feel it to
Dont you dare to have any clue.

All i've done i believe its right so go above to see
Rise your hands and standing tight
Dont expect me what to be

Written and composed by me and Ziman (2006)

Its our masterpiece, an unexpected tune blended with poetic words and moody mood that can make you wondering what the fish is the song about.haha.

"The song is about a boy,a lonely-not so lonely, who thinks he mustn't listen to others all the time,because others not really truly correct all the time. There are times that he should follow his own path, whenever he feels right to follow it. The relationship between him and friends very closed,and to be secure in a friendship,he always follows his friends ways...until one day he realizes that he should rise up and speak that he can stand alone without his friends"

Basically, i composed the tune and the chorus part only,then my rumate add more of his creativity to produce this great tune. Is it? its not finished yet,and we haven't played the song in studio, we've tried before,but it seems lack of catchiness.haha. Nevermind, we still working on it. After the song complete,i'll upload it here so you guys will get a chance to hear and make judgment or critics.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

freelance teacher?What's that dude?

i still wondering am i going to be a teacher.but this statement is not relevant for me now(i guess so.haha..) being a tuition teacher is a good teaching practice. provides me with confident and skill. what am i writing about anyway?"thiz is not an assignment lar!!!"john( a friends of a friends of mine) after quit from GSC, i am a freelance teacher (guru ganti) at Pusat Tusyen Faiza Jaya and a resident teacher at Pusat Tusyen Prestasi. my life nowdays is about teaching.hehe. sometimes its great to teach,can interact with various type of students. mix with other teacher and parents and get paid(of coz la)haha.
so parents, send ur kids there(to the tuition centers mentioned above)..promote sket,bos,kasi up sket payment.haha. these two place are great,affordable and comfortable(yeah,thatz it).
tomorow i got class also.cant wait to deliver my knowledge to my students.

"words speak louder than picture"

Friday, April 18, 2008

tshirt design??

i'll collaborate with "ini bukan kerja cincai" clothing to produce my self -design wording t-shirt. "no pic, no logo...just words" tag line of ROCKhestra clothing. thiz is my designs, plizz critic!!
kindly, i'm looking forward 4 u guys to leave a comment.

ROCKhestra signature design

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"I'm in a band"

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diz iz me..

hey,wut r u up 2 rite now?my long-lost-contact buddy questioned me on sms recently. The answer as usual ,'mcm ni jela' haha(small forced-laugh). basically after i quit my lovely job at gsc lm, i'm thinking of to take a rest after a year being a workaholic tired duh... but i felt a lil bore cz got noting 2 do, alhamdulillah, i'm hired to be a resident teacher for year 3 sudents to teach math and science at their tuition center in Ampang. and one more, i am a 'freelance' teacher at a tuition center also in Bndr Tun Hussein Onn.(freelance- a therm given by my sis to describe an unsigned replacement teacher.haha.good therm) being a tuition teacher anyway help me a lot in my study as well as my life. it teach me to be more confident and b able to socialize with all kind of people.its a life lesson which help me to understand the real world outside my college life.
My life is all about music, a day without music same as a day without nasi(makanan ruji.hahaha). My main hobby would be jamming,with my bandmate..anj-great vocalist as his idol tom yorke of radiohead, zman-my ex rumate who want to get a bass guitar soon, piske-great guitarist who likes to eat 'kuih lapis'.hahaha.. and bob-'tukang pukul' who loves to wear his cute boxer whenever he about to put some beat into the music. we are unite in the name of "the margerine".types of music? basically modern rock with a blend of jazz and fusion not forgetting some traditional exotic sound. we play covers from muse, radiohead, gnr, queen, bb king, cake etc.

chronology of my music career.hahaha.mcm artist la plak.
1985- the day i was born

1991- kindergarten- taski(taman asuhan kanan2 islam tampin) listening to tune likes babablacksheep,londonbridge,papaku pulang dr kota,papaku belikan kereta etc.

1992- primary school, listening to negaraku, lagu sekolah and lagu n9.
listen to wings,ekamatra,sweet charity,kru.

1997- year 6,the era of boyband and techno. listen to nsync,bsb,5ive, aqua,vengaboys etc.

1998- step to secondary school..the era of indie and underground scene and culture, punk,skin,grunge.
listen to nirvana,xpdc(?..metal 60 an maa),butterfingers,greenday.

2000- pmr exam..musical influence of the nu era rock which later be defined as nu-metal/rap metal and the arise of hiphop culture in malaysia.
listen to limp bizkit,linkinpark, crazy town, rhcp,too phat,teh tarik crew,

2001- the black metal issue metal being banned in malaysia. the rise of malaysian scene nu era.
listen to koffin kanser, republic of brickfields, metallica-first and 2nd album,silent death,as sahar, cradle, urban karma(singapore nu metal.great band!) prana etc.

2004- "moron" a punk-grunge band was as a bassist at first later swap with ziman. at this time,whatever song we listen to, we cover it in punk rock tune.even "baby 1 more time" we grind to a punk sound.

2005- joined musica humana,sadly only ended at 1st stage.we play "song 2 by blur"

2006- invited bob to be our drummer to replace piske, he play guitar.we change our name to 'The margerine"
we plays more matured music like modern rock, jazz and rock and roll,stand by me,white stripe and that thing u do. first performance in Tesl foundation day.
joined musica humana again with two bands, 1.2 milligram(the margerine) and Karltoons(german pronunciation). managed to get the 3rd place with Karltoons. we shared stage with The Fugitive.

2008- forming Tempayan-music community
bought my first electric guitar,cheap one,bought from my sifu Amir.
jamm with latip,amirul,zman.we plays malay tune: wings,may,search,blackrose etc. long article,tired of typing already.enjoy reading!

2nd article about the great band 'pink floyd'

pink floyd and me

"Wish You Were Here"

So, so you think you can tell Heaven from Hell,
blue skies from pain.
Can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail?
A smile from a veil?
Do you think you can tell?
And did they get you to trade your heroes for ghosts?
Hot ashes for trees?
Hot air for a cool breeze?
Cold comfort for change?
And did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage?
How I wish, how I wish you were here.
We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year,
Running over the same old ground.
What have we found? The same old fears.
Wish you were here.

thats lyrics from the great band pink Floyd. that keep me special is that song? ive read many reviews bout the song and mostly it said it was one of the great song ever created. is it? yes..the melody got a soul, and u'll feel going back time and sat back drink coffee in the 70's watching roger waters with his band produced the music on stage. why i listen to the song?..there are quest runnin tru my head... is it bcz of the reviews that the mgz people made or bcz my sweet lecturer listen to it? personally, i can only listen to the great song depends on my mood. usually, i would choose my tune like dream theater or soulfly to grind my ears.

the first article in my previous blog ""

welcome home(sanitarium)

"Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" is the fourth song from Metallica's 1986 album Master of Puppets. It was inspired by Ken Kesey's novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

Keeping with the theme of powerlessness of "Master of Puppets", the lyrics portray one being trapped in insanity, or perhaps incarcerated in a mental asylum. However, a sanitarium is usually a facility for treating tuberculosis and other chronic disease. It begins slowly with harmonics which lead into the main riff followed by the bass guitar, drums and solo. The lyrics progress and become more harsh as time moves on, backed by harsher vocals (in comparison to the cleaner vocals of the song) and heavily distorted guitars. The song ends with several solos and a few lyrics that hint about an uprising in the asylum. Altogether, the song is guided by powerful and moving riffs that give the song a cold, gloomy atmosphere, which goes well with the lyrics.

The original demo version of this song features an extended ending which is eventually used as bass and guitar solos in the song "Orion" [1].

The section of the song that begins at 4:06 ("Fear of living on/Natives getting restless now...") bears a resemblance to a main riff in the Rush song "Tom Sawyer." Metallica thanks Rush in the liner notes for the album, so the riff may have been an intentional tribute, but it has not been confirmed by either band.

The song is sometimes combined with "Master of Puppets" in concert; the combination is known as "Mastertarium".

sanitarium? whats the meaning? ahh.who gives a hell bout the meaning.but, anyone who know the meaning of sanitarium feel free to contributes or give comments.why this song attached me to my mp4 to keep on playing over it n over again?this happened when i watched dream theatre vids doin cover of this great metallica song. i really like dream theatre bcause of portnoy, petrucci and myung. vocalist? hahaha.. dont know.event the musician more popular that their vox. this diff than pop band like maroon 5.the vox keep other member drowning in their own sea.what am i talking bout? back to sanitarium matter. rap rock controversial band limp bizkit also doing a cover during mtv icon.they r doin pretty good, combine the element of rap blend with nu metal sound and mix with a little scratch from the turntable.the sound? nice to hear it loud. forget about the unmatured screaming of fred durst, i think, they have put the song to new ahmad aidil comments bout the song" i like the bass riffs".