Monday, June 9, 2008

Kungfu Panda..or Pandan?

kungfu panda can be the film-of-the year.stomach-bursting scene through out the movie made my saliva empty.haha.
i just watch the hilarious movie regret n satisfaction guaranteed for the price ticket(rm10). but i watch it for free,kaw-tim wif my friends at my former working place.
i'm former cinema crew for past 1 year. movie and me cannot be spread apart, right now i even can critic movies.hehe. truly speak, watch movies/going to cinema is not my hobby.there are only certain movie that really ask me to watch it. it depends on the theme and storyline basically.i'm not a person that ''semua movie baru nk tgk''.the movies that has aura and good story line r preferred regardless who the fish r the characters .
by d way,kungfu panda is a fun n enjoyable movie. watch or cry.hehe. "no charge for awesomeness"

Saturday, June 7, 2008

happy "boring" holidays.

bz+bz= crazy crazy2= bengong

its a holidays again. as usual,its d time to free my mind from study and assignment. biznez which started to rise..needs my full commitment. its totally diff with makan-gaji work compare than bisness. but the conclusion...biznes is much more tiring and tension.
rockhestra..what my aims and objectives for my lable?
-to have the skills in printing tshirt
-to have own clothing lable
-to earn some income to pay bills and eat sushi(damn expensive food)
-to develop my living skills to the max.
-to expand my business
-to have a studio(recording?jamming?printing?)all of them.huh!
-to be a successful bisnessman(???)

i meet my teacher(amir-rahim maarof guitarist)
he 'tibai' me...hei,how many hands d u have aa?
all u wan to do,thiz la,that la,
its ok if you can handle..if not...
u die la...

he's very true. but my attitude is like 'x menyempat n nak wat sume' thats wat my sis always told me.

sometimes...miss my job at gsc..
really enjoy(ular n watch movie la) but tiring... right now..cannot watch movie for free.if really desperate juz go and ask my friends who still work there. sms from customer..
one tshirt need to be print. alhamdullilah..rezeki.